About Us

COFESEG has always focused its efforts on providing a comprehensive service based on its experience and the quality of its products. In order to develop and optimize processes, COFESEG has always opted for a close and direct collaboration with its customers, studying the specific needs of each company and therefore adapting to best suit the clients needs. In this way, Cofeseg has achieved excellent results which have led to a major expansion both nationally and internationally.

The project, initially created to provide solutions to the region nearby quarries, was soon extended to the rest of Spain and started to compete with larger companies. In the mid-90s, the company continued its expansion policy, and the resulting creation of new international markets: European countries such as Portugal, Russia and Poland, as well as across the Atlantic, namely Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia. COFESEG has also recently spread to the African continent and is advising major farms which export natural stone in Angola, South Africa and Zimbabwe.