Quality politics 

Since its inception, Cofeseg has provided services in the drilling market, always offering its reliability and quality of service as a priority sales argument. 

Our clients, by choosing us, can be sure of our efficiency throughout the entire provision of the service. This efficiency is based on our commitment to fulfilment of all the requirements demanded and with the continuous improvement of our management system. This system applies to the activities of: Sale, distribution and repair of drilling spare parts. 

This commitment is based on the following guidelines, established by our management and shared not only by our team, but by all our collaborators:

- Guarantee the quality of all products and services supplied through a careful selection and monitoring process of our suppliers and staff.

- Invest in training and development of our staff to ensure their qualification and abilities. 

- Promote continuous evaluation processes, trusting in the high degree of involvement of our staff with quality and the proper development of the processes.

- Maintain open communication channels with our clients, to guarantee the identification of their needs and expectations as a source of feedback and continuous improvement of our quality system.

- Cofeseg Management, through this document, undertakes to disseminate and update its content and to define the organisation’s objectives within the framework of the previously defined points.

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