After-sales service

Our goal

Our main objective is the satisfaction and relationship with the client.

We believe in a concept of comprehensive Consultative Selling, which goes beyond the sale. Because the greatest benefit of a product is only obtained, if it is the right product for Our customers, and its use is appropriate.

How our after-sales service works

The machinery that we sell are fully checked and installed by our qualified technicians.

At the request of our customers, by phone or email, a technician will contact you to find out a possible problem and gather information, to determine the solution and visit the customer in the appropriate time frame for the type of breakdown and customer needs.

We ensure the availability of spare parts for all our machinery.


Machinery guaranty commences from the day of the installation, and applies for a term of 2 years. It will reach all the fixed components of the machine (does not include repair labour or consumables).

Procedure to request it

If you need us, contact your regular technical salesperson and report the incident.

Also you can call us at +34 924563156, or send an email to, indicating, Company Name, Machine Type and serial number

Conditions of service

The service is subject to availability regarding the technical staff and spare parts in time and form.

Scope of service

  •  Inspection and problem identification.
  • Technical report of the failure.
  • Fault repair recommendation.
  • Sending the spare parts necessary for the repair (No cost within the warranty)
  • Replacement of damaged spare parts and resetting.

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