Block Cutter COF-2.4
Block Cutter COF-2.4
Block Cutter COF-2.4

Block Cutter COF-2.4

The classic choice for Block Squaring. After many years in the market, the Block Cutter COF-2.4 keeps providing high productivity at low maintenance. 

With the new improved version, the Block Cutter COF-2.4 is even more versatile and easy to operate. 

 -  Lighter weight 

 -  Transversal and longitudinal inclination 

 -  Adaptable for any Pneumatic Rock Drill (up to 4 units per machine)

 -  Improved water/Air flushing 

 -  Adjustable feet 


High Performance Pneumatic Block Cutter.

Designed to drill holes up to 9,60 meters.

Versions of 1, 2, 3 or 4 hammers.

Simple to operate, higher drilling power and lower noise, improving working conditions and drilling speed in different types of quarry.

Equipped with a new control box from where the operator can easily regulate all the functions and moves, such as elevation, translation, drilling, etc.

Robust, versatile and easy to move.

It works on a 4 meters track, expandable in 3 or 4 m sections, with additional lanes, thanks to a pneumatic motor incorporated in the base.

Mounted on height-adjustable supports, it allows the machine to keep the optimum level and stability during the drilling.

Suitable for all types of rocks.

Obtain optimal results depending on the type of stone, combining our Rock Cutter with the most suitable rod drill and bit.

We have a wide variety of hammers to suit your specific needs.   

                                                          SPECIFICATIONS (Standard version 2 x Rock Drills)

Dimensions  (mm) 4370x4050x1860  (HxLxW)
Weight 760 kg
Feed Pneumatic
Number of Rock Drils Available structure up to 4 units
Air Consumption 12 m3 p/m
Optimal pressure 6.5 bar
Initial Rod Length 2400 mm (3200 mm under request)
Threaded Inlet  1 ½”

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