Line Drilling DTH Machine
Line Drilling DTH Machine

Line Drilling DTH Machine

Suitable for any type of rock, the DTH Machine, allows vertical, horizontal and inclined drilling.

Perfect to converge holes for diamond wire cutting.

The new 360-System allows to Drill in different angles, which minimize stone waste.

Pneumatic DTH Drill

Designed to drill holes up to 92mm, both vertical and horizontal, which precede diamond wire cutting operations.

Perfectly adapted for Granite, Marble, Slate and Limestone quarries.

Innovation - It rotates 360º on its longitudinal axis, which gives it the possibility of reducing the distance both to the ground and to the adjacent wall, improving  performance and efficiency by reducing rock waste.

New removable anchoring support, allows drilling at any direction and angle, both vertical and horizontal, achieving efficient drilling despite an uneven surface.

Excellent quality-price ratio

The drilling speed and the practicality of use, allow obtaining savings in resources, both energy and human.


Weight approx.                             320 Kg

Length                                             2.800mm

Drilling Diameter range              60 – 95mm

Average Drilling speed                12 mts/hour  (90mm Dmt)

Air Consumption (7 Bar)            10.300 L/min

Air pressure                                   6,5 Kg./cm

Rotation Motor Power                 2.2 hp.

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