Diamond Wire Saw for Marble - Cofeseg...
Diamond Wire Saw for Marble - Cofeseg...

Diamond Wire Saw for Marble - Cofeseg By Huada COF7

Diamond wire with spring

Special for marble and limestone quarries. High cutting speed and long service life.

Technology and innovation to achieve high yields

Up to 65 mt2 / m cut

High working speed.

Designed to increase performance and cutting efficiency.

Its beads have been tested by the most demanding clients, obtaining excellent results in various types of marble and limestone quarries around the world.

Manufactured from steel cable of the best international quality, which protects it from breakage.

Estimated values for different types of Marble and Limestone. Consult for other specifications appropriate to your specific needs

Diamond wire with spring

We recommend its use in marble and limestone quarries.

Internationally tested by the most demanding clients in the world

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