Diamond Wire Saw Machine 50 HP...

Diamond Wire Saw Machine 50 HP Cofeseg By Huada DWS

Versatile and functional. Automatic speed control

Easy to use. It allows making 2 cuts of up to 1.80 mt without moving the machine. It offers cutting speed between 5 to 8 mt2 / hour. Increase performance, and reduce operating costs.

Digital remote control. Optional WiFi connection

Cofeseg Technical Service

Reliability and practicality of use. Designed to cut or square in all positions

Thanks to the motorized rotation of up to 320º of the main motor pulley. Its lateral displacement of up to 1.80 mt. allows 2 cuts without having to move the machine

Automatic feed speed adjustment.

Increases the service life of the wire by adjusting the feed speed automatically, according to changes in the load of the main motor. This keeps the wire tension constant, prevents the diamond wire from breaking. Depending on the type of wire used, cutting speeds of + 8 mt2 / hour can be obtained, using up to 65 amps.

Easy Operation - State-of-the-art Technology and Innovation

Digital remote control - Optional Wireless Wifi Connection

The control system uses digital communication, requiring fewer electrical components, resulting in fewer failures and less downtime. Waterproof, dustproof and frost resistant

Simple graphic display, you will be able to access all work data quickly and easily

Advice and technical service from Cofeseg.

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